Catalogue of Work

Azure Productions makes a wide range of programs, from short films to music videos, Azure Productions has developed a strong international reputation having screened in over 100 festivals world wide, including USA, UK, France, Canada, Iran, Germany, New Zealand, India, Australia and Italy.

If you would like to discuss any of our projects please contact Annmaree J Bell or John Frank.

A teenage refuge from Sudan struggles to cope with his new life but finds hope for the future through the power of music.

Addicted to sex, Rebecca lives in a dark, isolated world where the more she feeds her desire the stronger it grows.

A stark confrontation with death forces Dorothy to question her mother's stoic manner and discover a simple beauty in her sister's childish ways.

A Quiet Spot
Each of us have significant moments in our lives that shape the people we become. A professional high diver contemplates an event that has led to her chosen path.

The Sound of Shadows
If your heart falls into darkness and nobody hears it, do you merely become a shadow?

Life comes and goes; will you reach out and touch it before it's gone?

Closing Stages
Closing Stages is a story about lost opportunities, misplaced love, getting old feeling lost in a new country and desperately trying to re-live the past through memories.

A sell-out writer is terrorised by strange messages on his fridge, he has a way with words, but now they'll have their way with him.

The Chess Set
An intimate story of an elderly headstrong man who attempts to avoid the grief of his best friends' death. However, the chess set has one more game to play.

Bob Evans
Song: Friend
Director: Jonathan Worsley
Label: EMI

Marcia Hines
Song: Stomp
Director Jonathan Worsley
Label: Mushroom

Kate Alexa
Song: Teardrops
Director Jonathan Worsley
Label: Mushroom

Song: Circus
Director Megan Riakos
Label: Independant

Kate Alexa
Song: Somebody Out There
Director Jonathan Worsley
Label: Mushroom

The New Vague
Song: Emily
Director Ben Trowse
Label: Independant

Kate Alexa
Song: Better than you
Director Jonathan Worsley
Label: Mushroom

Crispy & Crunchy
Skin Cancer Awareness
Director: Jonathan Worlsey

Peg Man
Google Pegman videos
Director Jonathan Worsley

Garlo's Pies
NFL Campaign 2008
Director Megan Riakos

Commercial Insurance Management Meeting
Director: Gareth Tillson

Westfield London Promo Reel
Director Matt Carter

Goodman Fielders
Good Oil Promo DVD
Director: Gareth Tillson