About Azure Productions

Founded on the principles of Create, Inspire, Achieve, Azure Productions is a Sydney-based independent production company specialising in the development, production and co-production of shorts, feature films, television and web-series. The company was founded in 2004 by producer Annmaree J Bell and managing director John Frank.

Azure Productions aim is to provide high quality services and produce international feature films which are successful both creatively and commercially.

Azure Productions services include production management, project management, IT, web services and product sales to film & television companies and corporates.

John Frank
  • Before John spent 15 years with NEC Australia in support, marketing, product development and general management roles, he was head of engineering for several software, hardware and gameing companies, John developed arcade video games that can be still played today.

    Throughout his career John developed sound financial capabilities, working with budgets over $100m. It is this unique combination of creative, technical, financial and management skills that John brings to Azure Productions, as Managing Director.

    Since forming Azure Productions John has set up post-production and electonics management for several houses and productions including inhouse, John also manages the IT sales, hire and post-production services at Azure Productions.

Annmaree J Bell
  • Annmaree is the producer and founder of Azure Productions, with over 15 years project management experience Annmaree most recently completed short film Sanctuary with writer/director Benedict Samuel, The Bunker with Rebecca writer/director Kate Vinen and Blue Monday with Drowning writer/director Craig Boreham.

    In 2010 Annmaree Produced the AFTRS graduate diplomia short films KISS with frail writer/director Alex Murawski which premiered at the 2011 Palm Springs Short Film Festival and 50-50 with untouched writer/director Megan Riakos. In addition to the AFTRS slate, Annmaree produced The Bind with Michael Chrisoulakis.

    In 2009 she produced Craig Borehams AFTRS graduate diplomia B&W short portraying the final days of Italian filmmaker Paolo Pasolini, 'Ostia – La Notte Finale', their short 'Drowning' premiered in competition at Flickerfest and won Queer Screen 2011 as well as the 2011 Melbourne Queer Film Festival; her 2009 short 'Vinyl' won at the 2010 Hamptons Film Festival, 'Frail' won the Best Film award at both the 2010 Newtown Film Festival and the 2008 Bondi Short Film Festival. Annmaree also produced 'Drowning' and 'Vinyl' with the support of Screen Australia. She has also produced many music videos and corporate collateral.

    Features Annmaree has in development are 'Teenage Kicks' with Craig Boreham, 'Darker after Midnight' with Michael Chrisoulakis, Golden with Benedict Samuel and 'On The Sly' with Megan Riakos.

Megan Riakos

    The Shed, 50-50, The Eye of the Beholder, Untouched (shorts); On The Sly , The Last Reprieve (features)

Michael Chrisoulakis

    The Bind (short); Darker After Midnight (feature)

Ashley Fairfield

    Vinyl, a quiet spot (shorts)

Craig Boreham

    Blue Monday, Ostia La Notte Finale, Drowning (shorts); Teenage Kicks (feature); Gifted (tv series)

Liz Cooper

    Grace, Rebecca (shorts); Kate Kelly (feature)

Alex Murawski

    KISS, Frail, The Chess Set (shorts)

Benedict Samuel

    Sanctuary, I Put A Line Through You (shorts); Golden (feature)

Kate Vinen

    The Bunker, Rebecca (shorts); Kate Kelly (feature)

Jonathan Worsley

    Marica Hines, Kate Alexa, Bob Evans (music videos); Google, Crispy & Crunchy (tvc); Coming of Age, The NewYorker (features)